Mesh Potato


Mesh Mdlasekhe Ntuli born & raised in Daveyton eKhureleni , had a passion for music from and early age being a keen listener of soul & hip hop always frequenting various hip hop events  and searching after an individual sound to listen to.Mesh Potato  pursued his studies at TUT in Pretoria ,although he had love for the Hip hop & soul sound it is in Pretoria that he found his true passion for the the Deephouse sound

, attending various clubs & events , his passion grew with meeting and listening to guys like Vinny, Christos, Sisco, Black Coffee which inspired him to pursue a career in DJ’ing which he taught himself by starting to persistently collecting vinyl’s, throwing himself in the deep end  by forcing himself to play at parties around his kasi and PTA while teaching himself how to play, pursuing the thirst for success as a dj Mesh talked himself into working for a record store, known as Camino records, building relations with various prominent dj’s and lining himself up for various gigs consistently building a platform of relationships, As Camino closed Mesh pursued to stay in the House industry while working odd jobs.He finally settled himself into Multi-Racial Records responsible for the Deep House orders and teaching other people to pursue their careers in dj’ing , in this period his passion and skills for deephouse have developed into a burning desire of purpose, that it has set him up to work along side the bigger names in the industry such Vinny da Vinci, Christos, Black Coffee, Sisco, Oskido,Mbuso,Bubbles,Lady Lea, Roger D’lux to name but a few.